My Pet Peeve

March 24, 2008
By Steven Gaines, Albany, NY

There was a boy named Boy who lived On Sesame Street
He was the baddest on the block, the juiciest of the meat
But boy, what he wouldn’t do without his Pet Peeve
They would do everything together, even on Christmas Eve
They would play in the park, on the swing set and such
Then take a break and eat Capt’n Crunch
In the Streets of Sesame Street, yeah, that’s where they roamed
Invading property and raiding homes
Taking candy from babies, they even stole a cell phone
They were the baddest on the block
The hottest of the hot
And nobody could stop what they got

Especially at baseball, that was their ace
They would play at the park or anywhere with space
The team would go and swing at every ball
Find them everywhere and rock them all
Boy was the skill
Pet Peeve was the drill
And it was hunting season, the balls were the kill
But their reputation was still at the lowest
They were good, great, but they still weren’t noticed
That was, until one day, a Sunday night
Boy had an idea, the brightest of the bright

It would be the final inning, bases loaded, game real tight
Were Boy and Pet Peeve were gona astonish all right
They would hit a home run, right out the ball park
It would be something great like Noah’s Ark
Every body would love him, especially girls
Just thinking about it already gave him the twirls
But it didn’t happen that way
You would have to play
And they were gona practice all night and day

The moment came, bases loaded, down by three
This was the duo’s chance to go down in history
Boy and Peeve were there, up to bat
When something terrible happened, you would have blamed a black cat
The umpire called, “Three strikes, your out!”
Boy felt terrible to just sit and pout
After Pet Peeve betrayed him and made about
So they both walked away, they didn’t even shout
Because they knew it was over, without a doubt

Boy, does Boy still remember that day
The last game of baseball he ever played
Boy still has a memento on his wall
His bat Pet Peeve with a sign of the call

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