He Told Me He Loved Me

March 24, 2008
By Ashley Head, Conway, AR

he told me he loved me
i thought it was true
he told me he loved me
and not to be blue

we shared so many moments
laughs and tears
we shared so many things
our dreams and our fears

late night movies
or cold winter nights
we were warm
in the candles lights

he told me he loved me
and she said he lied
i chose to belive her
and in the end i died

i told him we were over
and saw his face
he was about to cry
but it wasnt the time nor place

he pretended he didnt care
and that he didnt still love me
i knew he did
but does he still love me

now shes with him
and i wish it hadnt ended
maybe then id be his baby girl
if only it could be mended

he stole my heart
true love at first sight
he looked into my eyes
and sent my stomach to flight

i flew high above the ground
the rope tightening
my heart starting to pound
the world becoming red and very frightening

now i lay here
deep underground
my neck still brused
the rope still round

a picture of us
tight in my hands
let it be known
all across the lands

i died for love
and love is real
i lay here now
never to heal

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