I Walked Down a Line

March 24, 2008
By Davina Jakcosn, Lima, OH

I walked down a line where being someone was only a dream,
in my dream I was the star that went from a pond to a stream,
mom's absents made my dreams seem more real,
becoming an orphan made these wishes easier to feel,
I was dieing from the pain left by a bleeding heart,
I suffered to understand the feeling of being apart,
apart from what was real and what was fake,
from what I gave to people and what they chose take,
but it was all taking from me with no option having to learn more then the normal child,
being the one who didn't know much so life for me was wild.
till this day I strive hoping for an answer to be free,
free from my pain and misery.
striving to survive and be what is meant to be,
wanting to come out of this small world for the big I have yet to see.

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