Is It The Way?

March 24, 2008
By Krystle Lamb, Berea, KY

is it there something wrong with me, with the way that i look? I know how to clean, but not how to cook.
Is it the way i walk, the way i sing? I am not a bird, i do not have wings. Is there something wrong with my smile, or how i like to relax for a while? Is it my feet or is it my eyes/ Is it bad that i don't like lies? Is it my hair, when it sways and swirls? Do you not like it when my hair is in curls? Is it my clothes or the way that i dress? No matter what i do, i just can't impress. Is it my shoes, where they slide onto my feet? Is it how im sometimes too tired to eat? Is it the way that i say that i love you? Is it because i don't want other girls to look at you?
Is there something wrong with me?

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