Summer Speed

March 24, 2008
Summer's speeding by, oh so very fast
I'm trying to have fun, but I just can't make it last
One day's here, next thing you know, it's gone
Whatever happened to summers when the days were nice and long?
I have so much to do this year it's often hard to tell
Is it really summer? Or is it school time hell?
It's sad I get excited when I have 2 hours to chill
But by the time it rolls around my free time has been filled
I only wish I could go back to summers long ago
When all we did was shop and sleep and go with the flow
Time's have changed and now summers are, quite different than they were
We no longer lose track of time or allow our days to blur
Instead we have camps, classes, and work, and other things to do
We have homework, summer school, driver's ed- Always learning something new!
Don't forget to plan our lives, get jobs and hunt for schools
While we practice for our sports, hone our skills and learn the rules
So the question is, "Can we get it done?" and the answer's loud and clear
No. I can't do everything now…maybe, another year

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