There's Not Enough Time

March 23, 2008
By Caleb Stauss, The Dalles, OR

They say there’s not enough time
To gaze at the stars
To imagine a life
Out side of boxes and bars

There’s not enough time
To lie here and dream
You know the next stitch
But you break at the seams

There’s not enough time
Too look at the clouds
When looking up
What’s looking down

There’s not enough time
Time always cost
A mind kills the silence
The magic is lost

There’s not enough time
To look past the skin
Reset the eyes
Gaze on with in

There’s not enough time
To debate what you hear
A deadly disease
One dies from the cure

There’s not enough time
To love or to laugh
Every second you waste
You can never take back

There’s not enough time ......

To die, or try, to cry, ask why,
To think, forget, hold on, that’s it,
A chance to take, a heart to break,
Divide, subtract, to learn, react,
To wait, debate, to hate the fate.
A rose may bleed but never die
It starts to rain the stars can cry?
And all of this scattered through my brain
Its so insane just stop!
I leave the stage the curtain drops.

If you see with the eyes
Not with the heart
There’s not enough time
So why don’t you start?

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