As Much a Blessing as an Omen

March 23, 2008
The beginning of the end,
The final days in summer are like
Unlimited calling on nights and weekends,
Or the unlucky combination of spaghetti and weddings,
They are essentially

As much a blessing as an omen.

And so the school year progresses,
Bringing with it the desolation of fluorescent light bulbs
And ugly wall clocks.
Day after day, the bell
Clangs louder and louder,

As much a blessing as an omen.

So as the torture draws to close,
The anxious children,
In their gum covered desks and chairs
Coil tighter and tighter like springs,
Ready to spring up for summer

As much a blessing as an omen.

And so the mark of freedom is introduced,
Full of sun and pools and unwanted clichés
The warm days are numbered,
And grasses life span is unbearably short,
So as fall comes around, it is

As much a blessing as an omen,

Signifying the end of the beginning.

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