Silver Moon

March 23, 2008
By Megan McHaney, Manhattan, KS

Ripples of agony seize through me,
My eyes cloud up so I can’t see.
I curl up on the floor waiting for it all to end,
I feel my back painfully bend.
My elongating nails raking the wood,
Claws flexing against the floor as I stood.
Looking out the window I find a full moon,
My ears flipping out to tune.
I hear howls out in the black night and I cry back,
The howl I give is a full note, not a thing lacks.
As I run out into the frigid air I feel my companions racing next to me,
We all feel wild with the feeling of finally being free.
Joy seems to be flying all around us as we run through the forest,
Nothing could ever stop us.
We pound the ground with heavy strides,
As we pick up speed I feel the others breathing hard to keep at my side.
We racing for nothing but pure fun,
Knowing that it all must end with the rising sun.

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