You Are My Everything

March 23, 2008
By Jamasha Shaw, Ozark, AL

There is a moment in time,
Where I dream of your face.
You place your power with mine,
I am held up by your grace.
No matter how far we are apart,
You will forever have a place in the depths of my heart.
You are my joy in a world so profound,
I long to hear you,
Your every word,your every sound.
Everything you are to me,
I want the world to see.
You are my light in the dark,
You are my air to breathe.
You are the only thing in this life I truly want to know,
You lift me up to a place I could not normally go.
Everything you have,
You are willing to let go.
Just to come and stand by my side and help me to grow.
You are the one my heart beats for,
The one to which I cling.
I am glad I have you in my life,
You are my everything.

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