Void of Voids

March 23, 2008
By Matt Hill, Prior Lake, MN

Turn around and look into my eyes
Try to see these tears I cry
I want you to look
You need to see
What you’re doing to me

Every word
Cuts so deep
And I weep
The blood seeps through my clothes for all to see
You’ve exposed me
The world shudders as my hope flutters away

I don’t want to feel bad anymore
I want to look up and see that shining door
That leads to somewhere better
A place, perhaps, of peace
Where I can feel
And I don’t have to steal
Some obscure feeling of love
Like a blind dog attracting sympathy

I’ll walk through that door
And feel that hope
That flows through my body
Overpowering my senses
Flooding my soul
Calming my restless mind
Freeing these chains that bind
Soothing this hurt

I sit by the fire
All alone
In the black of night
Only the firelight to guide me
Only with this light can I see
Leading me with the world’s last purity
I stoop to pick up a leaf
And rub it through my fingers
It’s not soft
It’s dirty and rough

I weep for the tarnished beauty of the world
I weep for what I have become
I weep for everything we have created
I weep that we are numb.

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