Nothing At All

March 23, 2008
By Caroline Fry, Manhattan, KS

Shivers run like electricity up my spine.
I’m trying to reassure myself that everything is fine.
A banging comes from down the hall.
It can’t be anything, nothing at all.
Outside the moon is an eerie blue.
I lie petrified, not knowing what to do.
Is someone there, or is it just in my mind?
If I go outside, what will I find?
The phone is ringing, and my heart rocks my chest.
I pick it up... and well, you know the rest.
Just like in the movies, nobody is there.
These things I am hearing, they’re real, I swear.
A neighbor’s car door is slamming outside.
I crawl under my covers, trying to hide.
My lamp starts to flicker, and then finally turns off.
I try to stay quiet, not a sniffle or cough.
I now see a shadow, just outside my door.
I’m begging for mercy; please, no more.
My eyes open, and I sit up in bed.
A searing pain is pounding in my head.
Suddenly, a banging comes from down the hall.
But it can’t be anything, nothing at all.

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