What If

October 31, 2011
What if the world was a perfect place?
With good things filling in every space.
A place where no one was hurt or in pain,
And being nice wasn’t such a strain.

What if the world was full of peace?
With no more anger to release.
No more guns, no more war,
No more blood would have to pour.

What if the world was free of crime?
With no more people doing time.
Parents wouldn’t have to fret,
And all of the rules would be met.

What if the world was free of pollution?
Without having to search for a solution.
The air would be pure and free of bad gases.
There would be clean air for the masses.

What if the world was free of being ill?
With not a virus medicine couldn’t kill.
Diseases wouldn’t get to take another life,
And the world would have a little less strife.

What if the world provided for all the poor?
With food, homes, and amenities galore,
Every family would have a home and each person a bed.
Kids could go to school and all would be well fed.

What if the world was always a happy place?
With a smile on every single person’s face.
No tragedy or sorrow to bring you down,
And no such thing as sadness or a frown.

What if this, what if that, that’s what we all say,
Let’s bring ‘em to fruition starting today!
Together we’ll work, that would be so sublime.
Let’s make the world more perfect one bit at a time.

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