The Play

March 23, 2008
By Erin Grogan, Derby, NY

Takes her place,

lines run through her mind.

Hands shake at the thoughts of

How big is the audience tonight?
Stands behind the curtain,
watches her take center stage.
Hands shake at the thoughts of her.
Is it all just an act?

Center stage; overture dies down.

Takes a deep breath of air.

Nerves settle as the curtain rises.

Will the show go well?
Listens to her speak.
Waits for his cue.
The audience laughs.
Is she as nervous as I?

Rambles a monologue,

bathes in the light.

Watches as he enters stage left.

What is my next cue?
Finally, the moment.
Finally, with her.
Trembles down to his bones.
Will I mess up?

A theatre filled with hundreds.
It's only me and her.

Living through the motions.
Our lips meet.

It's over.
It's over.

The curtain falls.
The curtain falls.

Let us take a bow for our achievement.
It meant everything.

It was only an act.

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