Someone Explain

March 23, 2008
By Stephanie Mutton, Ingersoll, ZZ

someone tell me what love is
someone explain
why parents call it tough love
when all it is, is pain
hitting ,yelling, screaming,
doesnt sound like love to me
getting up getting out, leaving
sounds like catastrophe

Someone tell me what love is,
someone help me understand
how two people can be so distant
walking hand in hand
no more sweet "I love you"s
tell me what would you do
while in her shoes
fighting for love
about to lose it all
isnt ur love
supposed to catch you when you fall?

someone tell me what love is
someone help me figure it out
backstabbing eachother
isnt what friendships all about
arguing,patience wearing thin
what happened to late nights,and pillow fights
will i ever understand the game im sent to win?

I want real love
like lovers
causing a scene on the silver screen
i want real love
no more heartbreak we feel as teens
I want the hand in hand
toes in the sand
watching sunsets,sunrise
birds, fireflies
being so close,
what i love the most
gettin butterflies
from the look in your eyes
thats the love i want
thats what love should be
no one should have to explain it to me
its the feeling in my heart
i should have gotten from the start.

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