Test of Friendship

October 31, 2011
By NicholeH BRONZE, Beloit, Wisconsin
NicholeH BRONZE, Beloit, Wisconsin
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All along
Bill was
Conscious besides the fact that he
Didn’t know what or
Even how something so
Fatal could even happen to him.
Gabe, his friend explained to
Him that
It was an accident, before people started to
Jump to conclusions about the event that just took place. I
Kept in mind that they were good friends for years
Let alone, they basically grew up together.
Many people thought Gabe did this on purpose
Not knowing the relationship they have. I
Openly explained the situation and finally
People started to listen and believe with out a
Question in doubt.
Resting on the
Stone cold pavement
Trembling with
Unremarkable fear. Bill realized he has been tossed out of his
Vehicle after a head on collision with Gabe.
When reality finally started to kick in he was getting a
X-ray to see if anything was broken.
Yelping because of the pain the doctors
Zipped him away for surgery.

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