To You

October 19, 2011
By MicaelaCarling BRONZE, Harrod, Ohio
MicaelaCarling BRONZE, Harrod, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Nothing really worth having comes quickly and easily; If it did, I doubt that we would ever grow." - Eknath Easwaran

I’m having my doubts.
And suffering from boughts,
of sickness from the draught.
But now I’m walking out.
I won’t play this game.
I’m not sick with shame.
And I won’t lay the blame on your name.
I knew it was only for the fame.
The thrill of the ride got you high.
And as I fell, you’d always fly.
Then you left me here to die.
And you forgot to say goodbye.
Left me here to recount this year…
I gained nothing but tears.
I lost all my fears in your ears,
you said you were listening, but you didn’t hear.
You said you were open but you were locked up so tight…
Every word became a fight, but you were softer in the night.
In the end, there is only one light…
At the end of this tunnel there is only one voice.
One choice.
One face, your saving grace.
That face I would forever erase.
Every mem’ry, every taste…
Of your lips on mine.
We’re tangled in vines, the feeling’s so sublime.
You can make a poet rhyme,
can make a singer scream.
You rip me at the seams.
And it’s the way you’re in my dreams.
And the fact that we each have a freckle on that in-between part of skin between out pinkie and ring fingers on adjacent hands.
It’s the way you’ve made us so many plans…
We’re travelin’ to far-away lands to get away from “the man”.
With our bitchin’ punk band…
That hasn’t formed yet.
It’s the way your eyes light up lke none of the rest.
The way you’d fall asleep on my chest, listening to my heart’s beats…
Tapping out the rhythm with your fingers every time it’d increase,
as you run your fingertips down my tragically beautiful scar.
And how you were the only person ever to notice the star engraved in me.
It’s the way only I can fallow your scheme.
And it’s the way you’ve had my heart from the beginning.
The very first day.
You stole it away, and put it back together with your mother’s hot glue gun.
Just like your red chucks.
And I thought “Oh f***…”
But you handed it right back.
Without a single crack.
But it was already forever yours.
Had already begun to mold to fit into that place in your chest,
where you were missing the rest.
Because of the befores.
Because of the battles lost, the so-high cost…
I gave myself to you.
I would sell my soul to stay with you forever.
But you’ve already got it.
it probably wouldn’t be of much profit….
And they’re all believin’ that you’ve been deceivin’ me.
I think you’ve been trying not to want to give up on me.
And there’s only one person that wants you more,
than anyone has ever wanted someone before.
Find someone who’d walk across a fire for you.
She standing right here, looking at me from inside of that mirror.

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