November 7, 2011
By milannn BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
milannn BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Your thoughts are what i fear most
Words left unsaid, laid to rest
Such as how your heart leads you my way
But you refuse to follow, instead following the little voice in your head
You want me now? its Friday, of course you do
But when Monday comes will i even hear from you?
In my eyes your perfect..
or is it your smile that blinds me
from the bulls***?
I gave you my all, but even at no cost, to you
i wouldn't be worth it
Wanting you doesn't seem to be enough
well then i need you
All of you, not just the part your
willing to give up when there's
nothing else to do..
You continuously lead me on,
keep me falling.
But would you be prepared to catch me?
Or witness me fall flat on my face,
then walk away, willingly

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