Circle of the Goddess

March 23, 2008
By Abra N. Mach, Burnsville, MN

Bone white snow upon the ground
Falling gently without sound.
There is life and there is death,
Running all the circle’s breadth.

Warmth is seeping through the earth,
Giving life, so giving birth.
It wipes away the frosty cold,
Livening the spirits gold.

Deer are lilting through the grass
To celebrate the darkness passed.
Nothing’s really as it seems
In the summer’s shady green.

Leaves are falling, fast and slow,
Watching King Yule’s power grow.
At the solstice he will fight,
And so shall rise to his full might.

And so from death there is life,
Sprung up from the deepest strife.
From the dark there is no fear,
For in the shadow light endears.

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