Teenage Girls

March 22, 2008
Being a teenage girl is confusing and full of pressure. We never know how much confidence is too much confidence and we never know what we are supposed to be confident in. We know we want to be perfect, but we want to get there without being like all the rest. We don’t know what we want and if we do we don’t know how to get. We think everyone else has things better than we do because we are never satisfied with what we have. We love being a teenager because of all the fun, but we aren’t sure if we are ever going to be perfect at balancing. We hope this will get easier, but at the same time we are always ready for a challenge. We admit that we are confused and confusing and we aren’t always going to understand everything, but we always want to be understood. We know we are moody and that doesn’t help because between homework and home life, home boys and home fries we just don’t know which mood we are supposed to use at which time. We want to be like our mothers and play like a child. We’re caught in the middle and kind of like that we’re different because of the attention we get, which is odd because sometimes we hate the attention and want to be left alone and other times we need nothing more than to be in the center of it all. Sometimes we want to yell and sometimes we want everyone else to shut up. Sometimes we want him to get a little closer and other times we want the same guy to get the hell away. We know what the boys want, but sometimes we just don’t care. We all want to be loved, but we don’t care who hates us. We want to be accepted, but don’t care if we act acceptable. We all have our own standards for what we think others should look and act like, but we never really set standards for how we, ourselves, look and act. We hate when you nag and hate when you ignore. We love when you smile and love when you get mad. We sing and dance for no reason at all. We need a boy to be a friend first and let the rest follow without pressure. We want to be the best friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, and maybe even the best mom that we can be, but we don’t know how. We want to be wise through experience and yet we know that ignorance is bliss. We want to one day be married and never have to chance divorce. We all have a bond of sisterhood because we are all going through the same confusions and pressures.

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