Ordinary Guy

March 22, 2008
I'm a normal guy who normalness wasn’t formalized
Sort of, I, became a citadel like i was fortified
Living well but at a stand still like I've been gorgonized
And sometimes gorgeous dimes hit me with the Gorgon's eye
Bye and bye I was a skittish dude, yeah a timid due
But inside i just wanted to leave my mark like infinitude
Many haters come out, I give a minute to em
But when my Menelaus come out, I gotta give it to em
Many layers to me, within this little guy
I’m something like a Gemini, guess its just him and I
Try to be real not fake, one thing that sparks a fire
Cuz I’m seriously irritated by their personas falsified
Sometimes I wish my peers were as smart as I
But I sigh, and realize that some can’t play the part as I
A beast he is, or at least he thinks he is
But at least he is a walking Prometheus
Call the police and let the forensics show
That this intrinsic flow is stupendous, cold
My hand around the pen and pencil are prehensile
There’s always a instrumental playing in my temple
Who would think I guy this simple wouldn’t be so complex
And yes, I know you think it, but I’m far from the best
Just better than I used to be

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