I Give You My Smile

November 4, 2011
By JessMcCutch SILVER, Franklin, Wisconsin
JessMcCutch SILVER, Franklin, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"If you do what you've always done- you'll get what you've always gotten"

Words are kept
To save our friendship
Words aren’t said
To save embarrassment
Words are ignored
To save only yourself
Unfortunately your actions
Cannot be mistaken
For the words unsaid.

Confidence can be lacking
By those who’ve been defeated
From a loss in a battle
They never chose to be in
For their confidence may hide
Even whom to persevere-
Judgmental viewers always interfere.

Stories are told
That shows no truth
Rumors are stretched
That stays in one’s head
Assumptions are carried
That would love to be deciphered
Sincerely the best friend,
Who once knew you?

I give you my smile
To show I’ve done no crime
I give you my ovation
To show you had my time
I give you my voice
To clear what you hear
To speak over silence
Why don’t you care?

To give what I gave
Shows ignorance on you
Giving my smile,
Will just have to do

When life brings us choices;
Allow your heart to come through
Hearing your mind’s voices may just ruin you.
Look back at your improvements
Throughout the years
How they brought us to happiness
Which is made to last
Just like our smiles-

The ones used to perform,
And how it gave laughter
Bringing us to tears
Look back at the pictures
For the past couple years,
How when we were together
We’d be twins instead of peers.

Understanding is caring
What friends are expected to do?
Dreaming is believing
In something to come true
Wishing is useless
Since you’re still acting cruel

Don’t bother apologizing
I’ve grown older than you

I give you my smile
To show the tears are done
I give you my heart
To show the words I’ve sung-
No longer mean much
Since you’re just too young

Although I owe nothing;
I’m giving you my hope
To someday you’ll know
A heart is worth following- something I have shown.
I’ll always give you my smile
For someday we can share
Again as sisters,
Sorry life isn’t so fair.

The author's comments:
"Just follow your heart, ignore what your mind is filling you with, it is truly holding you back, be confident. Do what you know is best, not what you think. Your heart, follow your heart." This was the best advice from my dance teacher, who got me to make a decision that would change my life, and especially my future.
If a true, best friend doesn't support a decision made for YOU- then stop calling them your best friend. No TRUE friend should ever be selfish, immature, or jealous about the things you decide to do for yourself. You're given one life, and it is YOUR life- NOT your friend's, not anyone else but you. So decide for today, but decide for the future- decide for YOU as an individual. You have different goals, different dreams, a different future than everyone that surrounds you. So don't be influenced to make choices that will hold you back just because your best friend can't do it.
I've recently learned from watching my best friend totally shut me out of her life for doing what I wanted with out her, and for other's to be more than happy for me! It killed me, but I couldn't be sad, it just made it that much easier for me to make this choice and also know that my heart is worth following and that things truly happen for a reason. Unfortunately, I now see the cruel, yet true meaning of what friendship was to my "best friend"/practically sister- but with out that one door closing, I wouldn't be able to get the chance to open these new doors and succeed- But most importantly, SMILE.

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