Mournful Life

November 4, 2011
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Engulfed in sorrow hatred and fear,
I’m embracing the pain that has brought me here,
As I ride upon the wings of death,
I make a deal with him for one last breath,
My frozen heart beats once more,
And my eyes open just as before,
Now here I am lying by your grave wondering why,
Why’d you have to go why’d you have to die?
I loved you so much even when you went insane,
I miss you still as I cry in the rain,
I promised you I would not cut anymore,
But now my crimson tears will forever pour,
I don’t want to die only to sleep,
But I cannot when I must weep,
The pain of losing you is so hard to bear,
It’s even harder when nobody will care,
Life is such a cruel game,
It has brought me so much pain,
I look for a way out of this misery,
But all I find is cold-blooded trickery,
So I will live on your legacy,
This I will make my destiny.

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