Little Wet Kisses

March 22, 2008
little wet kisses drop from looming lips.
winds shake, trees rattle,
feel your breath,
oh! your heavy gasp,
carries a leaden weight.
silver droplets fall;




squeeze those fingers tighter;
white stones in your lap.
sopping pellets are plunging now;
and faster! and FASTER!

pitter and patter,
rhythm pounds:
pitter, patter, pitter, patter
no iridescent flash, no boom of a giant.
listen! listen! do you hear it?
miniscule bullets tapping against our roof.
rolling down,


slashing at our window,
sloshing on the soaked carpet;
grabbing desperately at the edges of the branches
-only to be blown away.

wind howls, leaves scatter,
oh! those teardrops of the sky!
relentless rain, pitter patter,
behold; the meloncholy skies.
creeping through the cracks
-the cracks of my scarred heart.
pitter patter, relentless rain,
attack! a besiege of my soul.
little wet kisses bite the mind.
spellbound by gray lips.
trapped inside.

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