November 6, 2011
By Anonymous

My eyes are open
Open wide
Always straying from side to side
It's like I'm daydreaming
The lights
Always gleaming
The wind blows my hair
While the flowers stop and stare
The blue skies
Watching everything with open eyes
The empty chairs she sat upon
She seemed to be staring into the future and beyond
I wonder if she saw it coming
While she was tunefully humming
She was watching
Watching close
She never needed a dose
She was clever
And I promised I'd never
Say she was dead
Because in my head
She was alive
Like a flower trying to thrive

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this poem by my grandma who passed away 11/18/09. I shared a bed with her till I was 13. A few weeks after my thirteenth birthday, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. We couldn't afford to put her in a nursing home so, she slowly died in a hospital bed in our living room. I cam home every day and saw her laying on that bed, dying. It was horrible.

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