March 22, 2008
By Brittany Hopkins, Cupertino, CA

You stumble, then trip and fall
But pretend that it's nothing at all
She threatens, yells and calls you names
Though there are rules, this is no game
No matter how hard you try to be tough
You always lose, it's never enough
I see the way she hurts you inside
Even when you say you have nothing to hide
She won't build you up, just break you down
Your gorgeous smile has given way to a frown
At home there is nothing to look forward to
She says it's love but that cannot be true
If she truly loved you it'd be different
She would act with more than just "good intent"
And treat you better than any other
For now other reason than that she is your mother
I don't know how you make it through each day
Knowing one mistake means there's hell to pay
I try my best to take care of you
Still it breaks my heart, for there is nothing I can do

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