This Guy

November 6, 2011
By Yamiblyden BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Yamiblyden BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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This guy says he love me but sometime i cant believe

it he tells me all the time but does he really mean it

i try to believe but then he goes and lies when i know the truth

then i wanna cry but i hold in my tears cause truthfully he’s not mine

and its not in my place to be ‘jelous’ or tell him off or demand an answer

its not my place to yell and rant so i stay quiet and i watch

but sometimes i slip and i scream and i b**** and thats what i come off as a b****

but he knew this when he ment me

learned my flaws before he keep me

learned me said he loved me but then went and left me

and he says he loves me and wants us to be happy

but us left way back when and it was just him and me

the us long gone left us with we so were together but not really

i love him with all my heart even when the fussing starts

but lately its been getting to much like every time i see him we just have to fuss

and i don’t have the energy

how can i do this if he just cant get me

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