After the Sun Sets

March 22, 2008
By Brittany Ely, Durham, NC

After the sun sets,
The birds all return to their nest,
And the mothers lay their babies to rest
Nature sits still in its place,
While the cool breeze caresses the children's smooth face.

After the sun sets,
The cities bright lights awake the streets
And the heavy beats attract the people as they meet
The filthy rich begin to wine and dine in the finest,
Complimenting luxury at its best.

After the sun sets,
Father arrives home, removing is hat and coat.
He lounges in his recliner and retrieves the remote,
And as his loving wife and children give him affection
He thanks God above the night sky for protection.

After the sun sets,
Nature, the city, and the family all rest at peace.
The day's activities began to cease.

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