You Are Nothing

March 22, 2008
In my heart,
I have never felt as lucky,
In my life, before.
When you kissed me,
So gently in this love fest,
I lost myself,
To realize you made me,
How vulurable I am without you,
I misunderstood the love you gave me,
I apolize,
For screwing your life,
Into pieces,
You regretted to be my love,
I figured out your big sercet,
Kept me away from your true indenity,
You were my host,
I forbid me to see,
whenever I turn,
I still see you,
Aroound the corners of my eyes,
Pulling me away from my human self,
Feeling I lost my sooul of loving you,
And wanting to be human,
After that kiss,
I knew you were a vampire,
Of my nightmare not my fantasy,
Or not my love I seeked for,
And I was foolish you were after me,
Truly you wanted me,
To become one of your vampires,
To own and play with,
Like a little toy to gain control,
I disagree to your opinion,
Of becoming a vampire,
Harming innocent people,
To bit for their thirst not love,
If I become one,
I would not forgive myself,
I object,
I know if I object you will let me die,
Like my friend Lizzie,
I rather die from dealth,
Then feel the pain of guilt,
Inside me,
You wouldn't understand,
Only my blood coounts,
I'm waiting for my death!
P.S. It's better then a little too late.

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