November 6, 2011
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.Best Friends forever i thought we would be

truth is no-one means more to me

Ive always been your second choice to everyone you know

after six years of being best friends i never thought you'd sink that low

even though you still hate me and there's nothing i can do to make you care

no matter what happens i will always be there

without you in my life i am always very sad

everything has changed without the best friend Ive ever had

i stopped caring about everything when you gave up on me

every dream i dream, your all that i can see

i don't hate you i never could

i didn't say anything mean about you i never would

its been many years since Ive had faith in you

i know you feel that way too

i still fall asleep with a tear in my eye

Ive been waiting so long for a proper goodbye

i know you think fighting is the only way out

but do you even remember what were fighting about?

you say I'm a bad best friend and ill always wonder why

id gIve up my life for you and were fighting because of a lie

i don't want to apologize because its always me who does that lot

so ill just end it with goodbye and i miss you alot


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