I miss you

November 6, 2011
By Caitlin Wyatt BRONZE, Whyndham Vale, Other
Caitlin Wyatt BRONZE, Whyndham Vale, Other
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Can I be with you, for my last breaking hours

Me without you is like superman without powers

thinking about everything that made us like this

just reminds me that your everything I miss

I miss the trust that we once shared

the promises to always be there

I miss the days spent acting like freaks

back when I was one of the geeks

I don't know what turned us and made us this way

but now the clouds over my head have all turned grey

Take all the tears you made me cry back

I’m sick of my tears always being so black

I close my eyes and try to sleep

Just listening to your voice inside my head speak

All the past memories the good and the bad

They make me cry into my pillow they make me so sad

Everything is changing and nothings going my way

Everything is changing and nothing is okay

You keep falling for girls you get over quite quick

If you had of chosen me maybe it would stick

Maybe i’m not quite the girl of your dreams

But I love you more than anyone,

im always on your team billy riot this ones for you

You may not love me but man do I love you


The author's comments:
I was in love (teenage love) but he was always my bestfriend nothing more.

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