March 22, 2008
All the times you made me cry
Bawling my eyes out because we are through
Calling me and saying this is good-bye
Drowning in unhappiness because I'm not with you
Everytime I think of you, I can't stand that it ended
Forever, that's how long we were supposed to last
Good times and bad, us being over is not what I intended
How can you stand it, when you know our past
I'll always love you,I swear it's true
Jailed inside my heart, lays all my memories of you
Keeping them inside is making me break more on queue
Leaving me behind is the worst you could do
Melancholy is what I feel
Never been in so much pain
Only when I remember that our love was so real
Pain is what I gain
Quiet nights are interrupted by my grieving
Recovering from a broken heart is easier said than done
Sadness is my only emotion when I think about you leaving
Tangled my emotions, and now my heart is badly bruised
Understand all of the discomfort you've caused me
Very hurt, very sad, and some how abused
What was it you met for me to feel
X-rays of my heart will show many holes
Zest is what you get for hurting me so

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