Two Butterflies

November 1, 2011
By josegarza GOLD, Mission, Texas
josegarza GOLD, Mission, Texas
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We were born to die but in the process i will make it the happiest death of all

We were two butterflies from different places and the southern wind brought us together

In old Mexico now since then it’s was us for forever

But one day I saw her flying high about a thousand feet up

Towards the wrong way I did not follow cause I thought she would keep up

After a thousand nights I figure she would not return

And since that day I accepted the fact that she was gone but I just couldn’t realize if she left cause I did something to her or was a lesson that I had to learn?

Well the only thing I have learned is that I can’t go one day thinking of you

I always remember you with that spark on your eyes and how you always were true

We met on April and by the time June came around you were gone

Now you’re just a dream that the night looks for

And every night one of my tears hit the floor

With passion, love, and hate

Because I just gave up on my soul mate

I can’t remember my smile

I event cant remember how you made it stay for a while

But I wont ever forget how we met

And how you made my life begin

I’m old my wings are torn everything is set for me to forget the moment when you left

But I can’t forget what it has been

So the day I die

I will do it with you in my mind

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