March 22, 2008
By Bridger Hall, Preston, ID

You take back all of the things that you said
You regret the tears shed and the blood bled
Swollen in sorrow, your heart is transformed
Into an obsession, that has yet to be mourned

Tired and broken, the pieces still on the ground
The pain is unbearable, the world is spinning around
The world is to fast, you begin to drown
You’ve lost the only girl who can slow it down

The life you once led is a rusty, shattered frame
Each day is a battle fought to become the same
When your life let’s abide the sorrows you’ve seen
You awake to find the pain is a dream

Taken away from confusion, misery, and pain
You find some refuge to get out of the acid rain
At last you try, finally take the grief, and win
You’ve conquered your heart, never to return again

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