All Mine

November 1, 2011
By Anonymous

You walk a little closer,
just to be by me.
The only worry is
that everyone will see.

We don’t want to draw attention
being in the center,
we prepare for eyes on us
as we slowly enter.

You hand brushes mine
I feel a spark.
I can't see anything,
everything goes dark.

You grab my hand
and pull me in.
Just your touch
makes me spin.

Now your not afraid
of what our peers will say,
you pull me closer,
and we walk away.

Now I can't stop thinking
how things will be,
when she finds out
about you and me.

Will she hate me?
Will she hate you?
You say, "Who cares,
we are stuck like glue."

Others words
can put me in denial,
but you remind me
to keep a smile.

Now I know
that you are mine.
Your here for me
all the time.

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