His Love For Her

March 22, 2008
I can see the pain on your face.
The disgust I have caused all your friends.
The hatred in your mothers eyes almost makes me cry.
Seeing what I i've done to you,
the streaks of mascara running down your cheeks.
Seeing I have caused you to hurt so much you cry.
I see you ask yourself what you were thinking.
I see you really do love me but I also see the guy who you've grown attached to.
He always seems to cheer you up when your down,
says something funny at an attempt to reverse your frown,
but he really doesn't know how to truly help.
When he has to leave you everday, he breaks down into tears asking himself, why he had to ruin that girls life.
He still loves her,
but doesn't know how to say it all and make her understand.

He still loves her...

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