Broken Glass

March 21, 2008
By Rachel Kaplan, Armonk, NY

It crashed upon me like the breaking of Glass

I was not his one

I felt as if the shards of glass were stabbing me

Microscopic bumps began to crawl up on my
sand colored skin

And I bit my lip as he whispered, “I love her”

Blood was fleeting from everywhere: my face, my lip, and my heart

All of my fantasies were flooding away like the tide on a full moon

We will never be

I tried to picture myself in relationship to him

Slowly I saw myself fading

Fading like a ghost

I became the ghost of a girl who felt love

I was transparent glass

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rainyday482 said...
on Jan. 11 2009 at 5:27 pm
I think this piece is very heartfelt. It is relatable and presents a lot of strong images. I really liked the poem. It was very sad, but that made it all the more strong of a piece. Keep writing!


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