March 21, 2008
Lies, Deceit, a face behind the mask,
Disguise, a shadow, hiding the truth,
Concealing it,
always changes,
she watches,
the mask,
always on, never revealing, not believing,
So many fooled,
not her,
She turns her back on the mask,
walks away, comforted by the darkness,
for she can, and has seen the mask.
A face,
she rarely sees,
for it eludes her, always dodging detection,
She's disgusted, and still walks, and wont turn back.
She stumbles,
falls in the darkness,
her frustration, and pain
Not only that but rejection
of the face behind the mask.
She withdraws, deeper into the darkness,
for thing won't be the same,
ever again.
The face is too, unknown,
She wanders in the dark, the mask always there.
There are many masks,
all different colors, shapes, and sizes,
Make believe, pretend, the masks are,
even she wears a mask, but why?
Why does she feel that, that she has to?
Is there a reason?
not really,
for there are many reasons to wear masks,
for why we wear our masks.
Some for show, others for hiding, some for strength,
There seems to be a NEED for masks.
But why?
Why should be have to hide who we are?
She walks,
finds her mask,
and breaks it.
No more restraints, no reason to be fake.
She leaves the remains, and there they will lay,
and they won't leave, for she still wears,
a piece of her mask.

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