How Can I Fly

March 21, 2008
By Casey Lower, Niles, OH

How can I fly
When my legs hold me down
Firmly in contact
With unyielding ground

Never to drink from
Clear blue skies
Left alone with
Old dreams and sighs

Envy the birds and angels
Their wings
I don't know why
The caged bird sings

The wind sings a sweet song
Calling to me
But I'm the freak without wings
Kept from what I want to be

I used to have wings
But they were lost in the struggle
So I'm left with bloody stumps
Lying in the rubble

No one looks down
No one helps me
Only bitter thoughts
Keep me company

But don't worry
My wings will grow back
And I'll be up again
To face another attack

Life is a struggle
An unending fight
You have to work for your freedom
It isn't a right

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