Into the Light I Soar

March 21, 2008
By Hai Ree Moon, North Vancouver, ZZ

Into the light I soar
Where the ill no longer sigh in agony
Where the beggars no longer starve in devastation
Where the orphans no longer sob in solitude

Into the light I soar
Where the deaf no longer hear silence
Where the blind no longer see darkness
Where the cries of babies no longer pervade the void

Into the light I soar
Where I perceive the radiating beams
Assimilate into my skin
Nourishing my hunger for peace
Quenching my thirst for happiness
To a place where my soul is utterly free

Into the light I soar
Where chants from a lute disperses
Through the vast, endless sky
As a tinge of light shines upon the zenith
Beckoning me forevermore into
A pure, serene world

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