March 21, 2008
A silent night
When bombs pervade the solitary air
As heavy loads of armistice are piled into heaps
Pride of our motherland falters with remnants of burning ashes
And our crimson blood deeply seeps
On to the defeated grounds

By the reckless minds
Sacred bodies of women are left bare and cold
As intrusive touches pommel them
Emotions disseminate wildly through their veins
Leaving their hopes into an incessant coma

Sorrow diffuses forevermore into the atmosphere
Of our motherland
As children reluctantly
Disengage from their father’s decaying embrace
Waving their last good byes
And turning their backs once more in utter awe

A lugubrious night
When the moon glitters upon the apex
Discerning the destruction of avarice
As triggers are pulled
Filling the gaps of the solemn silence

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