Speak Up

March 21, 2008
Drugs, sex, and gangs.

Its just another day.

All you hear are constant bangs.

You cant see the suns rays.

An unborn child,

Killed, a woman's problem relieved.

But nothing new lately.

Its just the way the world has been conceived.

Oh, object? We couldn't possibly.

It would be unconstitutional.

The issues would bring up dreaded rivalry.

Problems making many people unstable.

While there are kids in Africa,

Dying of Malaria,

We're worried about Angelina

And her constant hysteria.

What is the world coming to?

A place where you only think of yourself?

Where did caring runoff to?

Think of you only you, that's what puts the trophy on the shelf.

Expensive cars.

Large homes.

The ideal life by far.
Where we'd like to be Hollywood's clones.

When is our generation going to react,

and stop thinking about silly games or rap?

Will we ever stand up or just stay back?

How should I explain? Do you need a map?

I'll show you how you must go about

Getting this world back on track.

We can get through this no doubt.

But we have to act fast for our society stay in tact.

Where do you stand on abortion?

How about gang violence?

This is the real world, not an animation.

You can't just turn off the problems, we need some guidance.

What's wrong with girls today?

Selling their innocence, without looking back.

How much they give you ,depends on how much you pay.

But as long as they survive, does it matter how they act?

That's just the way the cookie crumbles.

We can't modify the way our lifestyles change.

But we can change. You wish I'd mumble

To keep my thoughts from your range.

I'm sorry that I have so much to say.

I apologize for my thoughts.

Someone needs to speak up unafraid.

I'm sorry that my words, your veins they clot.

I hope there's room in your

Stomach for the fist of words

You just got. I hope you don't hit the floor.

Thinking that what I've said is absurd.

I'm sorry to be rude,

But I had to get my point across.

My words had to be cold and crude.

I'll help you wipe off their frost.

But do you understand me?

Do you see why I have so much to say?

Now I've set what condemned me to silence free.

I feel free to speak and speak as my words sway.

But I just don't want the human race to end for pure stupidity.

I didn't mean to leave you gaunt.

Rather I'd like to leave you guilty.

So that you will make a choice, a difference.

Now go ahead and SPEAK UP

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kebby said...
Dec. 22, 2008 at 11:34 pm
awesome and in your face. i love it.
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