Night's Love

March 21, 2008
Night rushes at vulnerable hearts with blunt stars.
Cutting the weak and laughing at the sleeping.
Tempting the wicked to come out of there shells
and preying on child like minds.
Throwing eyes into a darked hell of misshapened creatures and unknown caves.
Night preys upon the young,
Throwing hopeful glances into an unknown dream
creating illusions of lust and love for the heart to feast.
Urging the unwilling that it’s not that bad.
Night cast the moon into the sky,
as a beacon of light to create the deception of safety.
Softly laying the dead and dying to rest
Surrounding any light while destroying the fearless
Simultaneously taking hold onto the ones barely making it
crushing life from their fragile breast.
Snapping neck bones with only shadows of ropes and knives.

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