A Broken Lover's Lullaby

March 21, 2008
Night wraps a friendly arm around me
rocking me softly, it sing me a familiar song,
a broken lovers lullaby.
Knowing just what to do it sways,
holding me together while it rips me apart.
Singing me a broken lovers lullaby.
Night only befriends the broken
pretending to mend thee while feeding its own desire.
Suffocates the ones who need to be held.
Leaves the suffocated while carving a hole in their hearts.
Shelters the burnt from the sun and making them fear it.
Giving the hideous artificial beauty while taking there confidence
All while singing the broken lovers lullaby.
Night appeals to all with a problem
Giving them just what they need.
And leaving them worse off then they were.
But for the lover it’s a horrid trade.
Night give them shelter to lust while taking their love away.
All while singing a broken lovers lullaby.
the inexperienced only know it as happiness.
All too soon it becomes know as
the broken lovers lullaby
when the night takes love away and leaves only lust.
we are rocked forever more in nights arms
while it sings a us broken lovers lullaby
the naive will never know it was the begging plan.
for night always sings a broken lovers lullaby.

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