The Boy

November 2, 2011
By sadie17 BRONZE, Beloit, Wisconsin
sadie17 BRONZE, Beloit, Wisconsin
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Your home is my favorite place
I said to the boy with a beautiful face
You make me laugh
And you make me cry
But no matter what I’ll stand by your side
Loving you for the rest of time

I always wish we had more time
To be together in our favorite place
Just a few more minutes with you by my side
Then I look at you with the saddest face
I close my eyes and try not to cry
Than you say something that makes me laugh

I wish you didn’t laugh
For now we have run out of time
I don’t want to, but I feel I might cry
Time for me to return to my place
Where I can’t see your face
Or be by your side

It’s time to choose a side
To be sad or to laugh
Instead I make an awkward face
For an extended period of time
Wishing I was still at your place
But wondering, why did I cry?

I know why I cry
Because I long to be by your side
I yearn for us to have our own place
A place where we can laugh
A place to spend all of our time
A place where I can always see that beautiful face

But I can’t see your face
There’s no need to cry
There will come another time
When we’re side by side
When together we laugh
This will be our place

The author's comments:
My poem is about being with the boy with the beautiful face (my boyfriend) and wanting to be with him when were not together

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