November 2, 2011
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What is really love?
All the one from above gives me is rough roads and hard times,it doesn't come a little at a time but in big loads
but i'm not moving,there's no such luck
It's called running away from a place i don't belong
They say it's better if i just let my anger out in a poem or song.
that doesn't help,do they undertsnad me?I want to pull my hair out,cut,and yell,they just don't see.If only you were in my shoes how would you feel?what would you do?Flee?
You wouldn't have a single clue if you had my life you wuld of been on streets or better yet dead....nobody's there for you i said.My simple single words always have a story to tell not for me to say but for you to read them out as a book,just look,it isn't that hard.THEY ARE IN CAPS,READ! Help me just help i feel like a lost child,my patience is fading my temper is mild but building I'm going crazy,wild,i'm going to leave,don't miss me.WAIT,i forgot you never noticed i was here in the first place.

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