They Say She Has Flair

March 21, 2008
By Stephen Jones, Pelham, AL

They says she has flair,
But she doesn’t care.
Not about me,
Now I see.
I was just a past time,
A lame line.
I was her boyfriend filler,
Her time killer.
Now her friends are back,
And I’m at the back of the pack.
I’m an outdated design,
The last of my kind.
I’m a ghost from her past,
The part that didn’t last.
I wonder if she knows how bad this hurts,
No more hours on the phone,
Or harmless flirts.
I don’t matter to her anymore,
She talks to me as if it’s a chore.
But every time she calls me,
My heart jumps with glee.
I remember the happiness again,
The time when I was more than a friend.
But then it ends,
And the pain begins.
It’s a pain I should be used to,
A pain I’ve already been through.
But it always seems like a new scar,
And she always seems so very far-
Now my heart must pay.
But I still keep my phone on at night,
Even though it has that annoying light.
Because tonight you might call me,
And fill my heart with blissful glee.

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