Let It Be

March 21, 2008
By Kortney Russell, Carson, WA

Let the rain fall, let the sun shine.
Let each heart love a love divine.

Let the willows be willows,
Let the bees be bees.
Let the wild deer roam
Wherever they please.

Let the sick become healthy,
Let experts find a cure.
Let the weak be tough,
Let the troubled endure.

Let a ship be a ship and a barge be a barge.
Let the little be little and the large be large.

Let us dream, let us laugh,
Let us cry, let us scream.
Let us regret, but don't let us be mean.

Let each voice be heard; each song be sung.
Let the old be old and the young be young.

Let us all travel wherever we will,
Let us climb up a mountain or sit on a hill.

Let a planet be a planet,
Let a star be a star.
Give us all courage to be who we are.

Let the hungry have food,
Let the homeless be warm,
Let it be acceptable to go against the norm.

Let a small ship sail,
In a vast open sea.
From now until forever,
Let my darling be with me.

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