Whilst the Youth Yearn for Renewal...

March 18, 2008
Whilst the youth yearn for renewal
Wise are the bears that hibernate soundly
For they know of nature’s timely tunes
And awake when gentle dawn stops their snooze

The child crinkles their nose
Sits around bored and curls up their toes
The creatures’ ears stretch towards the air
Instinctively listening for the jovial memorandum

A flower can only bloom after the rains
A butterfly can only break from a cosseted cocoon
Spring’s greatest cousin is that of winter’s shroud
Since it’s only then that sun can break the cloud

I can only be patient as I wait for time
It tocks the same amount in every single moment
My sun-starved skin can wait another day
Spring will soon arrive as I lay under my duvet.

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