March 18, 2008
By cyndi trang, Moore, OK

My dad uses the G.P.S.
To find the way
To the Chinatown in Dallas
Where the delicious pho spices
And familiar herbs are richer.

My mom uses the Daily Oklahoman
To find the coupon section
To decide whether
JCPenny’s, Macy’s, or Dillard’s
Will see her next Saturday.

My brother uses Webster
To find out how
To spell aliens, innocent, and cupcake.
He thinks aliens are out to get him
So he wants to write a peace treaty.

My sister uses the T.V. Guide
To find out when Dora the Explorer will be on.
She is a valiant heroine and
To stop Swiper from swiping
Has always been her mission.

I use a pen
To find a way to document the past, present, and future
In vowels and consonants,
To follow Frost, Angelou, and Dickinson
And create a world of infinite possibilities.

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