Emblem of Independence

October 28, 2011
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Waving high above the trees,
you salute us all in the breeze.
A mixture of bravery, courage, and pride
by which America should abide.
300 million heartstrings are your threads;
a longing for freedom lies at the head.
Determinedly stitched together as one,
a beacon of hope as bright as the sun.

You don a hue of royal blue, ironic situation,
for you piloted the rebels against the crown of that oppressive nation.
And you stood up against the fallen bars that September day,
tattered, bloodied, and scarred, but defeated in no way.

With your pure stars and valiant stripes you won a disastrous war.
Vanquishing your rebel counterpart, you reign forevermore.
The emblem our virgin of liberty holds in her hand;
you’re the flame atop a torch guiding all to the free land.

No matter what religion, race, tongue, or color,
from the Lincoln Memorial to Pearl Harbor,
you speak for our country, proclaiming justice and valor.
Emblazoned with red, white, and blue,
in our hearts you'll forever rule.
Keep your eye on Old Glory, gallant and true!

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